"...made my kitchen function as I always dreamed..."

Shannon has made my kitchen function as I always dreamed of. We have lived in our home for forty years and just got lazy. My pantry and cupboards were totally unorganized and I never knew what I had (eight meat thermometers!!) so I kept buying duplicates of everything from cans of tomatoes to kitchen tools. She helped me let go of rarely used items (i.e. the food mill for that apple sauce I never made) and made space for the items I use but could never find in the clutter. Everything has a labeled specific place. I can now look in my pantry and know exactly what I need on my next trip. Shannon understood that letting go is hard but because of her caring thoughtful manner, she made the experience fun and easy.
— J., Rye, NY

"...work estimates were very accurate and the quality of work was great..."

Shannon recently spent some time helping my parents get organized, especially in the garage, storage room, office, and kitchen. Her work estimates we’re very accurate and the quality of work was great - I was amazed at the difference working with a professional in this space made! My parents were very fond of working with her and I feel more comfortable that their home is now safer and easier to navigate! I highly recommend Shannon for her professionalism, friendliness, and effectiveness.
— Eric, Virginia

"She went above and beyond..."

I just couldn’t face the mess of some of my rooms - especially the “office” and “guest room” - every surface was covered with papers and toys and unpacked boxes and stuff - they were the dumping grounds and therefore unusable rooms. Shannon gave me some basic goals and ideas on how to start. Then she envisioned how much better my day to day would be if I switched the rooms! Genius! She went above and beyond and helped me make it happen, she isn’t afraid to move furniture and find places for things - as she says, if you have a place for it, you can put it away and it isn’t a mess anymore. Shannon is so positive and genuine. She also understands emotional attachment to things and has various methods to help. I finally feel like my house is almost the way I want it, despite having moved in 4 years ago. With two young kids and a messy husband and a messy me, I know there will be more projects. Thank you Shannon!
— Danielle, Rye Brook, NY