What is a professional organizer?

Professional Organizers bring order, function and efficiency to their clients lives. Organizers apply those principles to help their clients simplify, streamline, de-stress, and maximize the potential of their space, data, and objects. For more information visit NAPO.

Why hire a professional organizer?

A professional organizer will help you realize your goals, whether they are regarding aesthetics, clutter, productivity or efficiency.  Our goal is to improve your quality of life, to make time, space and provide relief. We listen to your hopes and needs and determine how to take you from start to finish with your desired results. We provide actionable plans that consider time, budget and long term maintainable systems. A professional organizer will help you get the job done!

What type of spaces do you organize?

You name it, we do it! From papers to playrooms and garages to attics, we are ready. Files, kitchens, craft rooms, libraries, playrooms, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways, basements, storage spaces, garages, home office and more.

What areas do you serve?

I am located in Rye, NY and serve Westchester and the surrounding area as well as Putnum and Columbia Counties in New York and most areas of Connecticut. Will happily travel further too!

Do you have to share photographs of my space?

Along with being extremely satisfying, before and after photographs can also provide a helpful measure of progress on otherwise overwhelming spaces. However, it is of upmost importance that we honor your trust and comfort and we would never share images without your express approval. All client information is confidential. We uphold NAPO's Code of Ethics

What are your qualifications?

Shannon is a member of the New York Chapter of NAPO, the National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

What happens during a consultation?

Whether we’re on the phone or in person, you talk and we listen. The goal is for you to explain your frustrations, concerns, hopes, goals, etc. while we listen and analyze your space in order to make sure the project realistically meets your needs in all ways including budget and timeline.

It is extremely important that you do NOT tidy up prior to the consultation! We need to see your space in its natural state, as it normally functions so that solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Why are your time quotes a general estimate?

The time spent in a space greatly depends on the goals, whether we’re going from A to Z in decluttering and organizing, implementing a new filing system or organizing existing toys for a more functional and cheerful playroom. No two spaces are the same and there are always unexpected variables.

Time is also highly dependent on the amount of items in a space, the degree to which we organize (solely declutter vs declutter, organize and implement new product) speed of decision making, the number of people working on a space and how flexible you are with new strategies and solutions.

Do the hourly rate and packages include the cost of organizing products?

No. The cost of organizing products, including but not limited too containers, shelving, hangers, baskets, etc., is a separate expense. Printed labels (except metal tags and special order vinyl) are included in the cost of services. If products are wanted, the organizer can provide product recommendations and a shopping list which the client can use to purchase on their own time or the organizer can take care of all shopping and returns for a $50 shopping fee. Any items purchased for the client are reimbursed at cost, no mark up.

What is included with the cost of services?

In addition to all decluttering and organizing, there is a single donation/recycling/dump drop-off with each daily session. Donations can be taken to a reasonably local center of your preference and clients will be provided with any donation receipts. Great effort will be made towards environmentally responsible recycling and donation. All time spent layout planning and doing product research outside of organizing hours and label printing for files and containers (except metal and special order) is included in the cost of services.